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Braided Mats

Braided table mats and rugs made from 100% reclaimed fabrics.
Specializing in custom orders to fit your decor.

La Belle Maison
Welcomes You

What goes into a La Belle Maison rug... The textiles that I use are all 100% reclaimed, I do not purchase any of my fabrics new. This means I have to spend a lot of time searching for fabrics at thrift shops and tracking down people who are cleaning out their linen closets.  Next up is washing and drying, every piece has to be clean before it gets used. After that they all get disassembled and cut down into manageable sized bundles.  The braiding and sewing are the fun parts but also the longest part of the whole process. A 4ft rug can take up to 50 hours of braiding and sewing. There is a lot of love put into each piece and I hope that you enjoy them for years to come. All of my rugs and mats are double stitched for durability with Madeira threads. Don't be afraid to use your braided mat or rug, it can go right into the washing machine, but be sure to air dry.


Various sizes and shapes, limitless color schemes

Table Mats

Braided tablemats made from 100% upcycled fabric. Heat proof for use as a trivet/hotpat. Perfect accent piece for any table top in your home. 

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